So Much Potential…

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Okay, I’ll start by beginning. I love family sagas. I love the great bigness of reading a single family’s trials and tribulations. I love that all family sagas have something relatable in them. I love stories focusing on the Middle East because I always end up learning something. This book had everything I loved. In theory.

I loved every single character. Complex and deep in their human emotions, every character was lovable and I found myself rooting for them the entire time. That being said, the whole story felt like an incredibly underdeveloped rough draft. I truly don’t know how else to describe it. It felt like a family saga but cut in half (I will interject on myself real quick and say that if daunting 500 page family sagas aren’t for you, this may be a good starting point). The writing felt like a list of ideas the author wanted to write about, but then they forgot to fill in the gaps. Everything felt rushed, like a high school creative writing assignment.

With all that being said, the theme of the whole story is stunning and present. The author’s message of love and acceptance of one another is loud and clear and I honestly loved the book for that.