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I really loved the first few chapters of this book. It tells the story of a family across 3 generations as they find love across cultures and countries. I thought the beginning of this book was very interesting and the plot seemed like it would be fantastic. I loved reading about Kareem and Amina, as well as Rasheed, Natalia, Rasheeda, and David. Unfortunately after Chapter 11 the book fell flat for me and I became very uninterested in the direction the plot went in.
I never really felt connected to the characters as much as I wish I did. For me, all of the female characters seemed very two dimensional with no life outside of the main male characters. There was also a lack of finesse and detail within the writing throughout that made a lot of the events and conversations very uninteresting. This book read similar to a textbook.
I did enjoy the various people and cultures represented throughout this book and thought it was interesting to learn about this time in history.