Beautiful cover with a good premise

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The beginning of this book was so good. I loved the authors writing style. The story lost steam for me for a bit when the twins were 17, but picked back up as adults. I liked the book was a love story through turbulent times and between a Muslim and Jew. From the back description of the book, I expected the writing and story to unfold differently than it did. The fact that the story didn’t follow just Rasheed but also Rasheeda through out and that he always strived to make sure she was treated equally, was a nice part of the story. His character was good. I loved reading about Rasheeda and David, how their story unfolded. The mystery and sadness behind Natalia and Rasheed’s story was good but a little confusing at times too. The separation of the two and how his life continued as a journalist after being forced out of his hometown/village was interesting. You wouldn't expect some of the surprises in their story and how it all ended up. I liked learning bits about Muslim beliefs and ideas too. The last part of the story changes things and went rather quick to read. Love can be finicky but it was interesting to read how the love stories all played out. While the story wasn’t what I expected, it was decent. It shows that love can change for a person and how we all grow. Thank you bookishfirsts for letting me read this!