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I'm surprised I've not heard more talk about this book. A rare 'better than the first' sequel, Redemption Point dives into a double murder in a pub taking you right along with Detectives Amanda Pharrell and Ted Conkaffey as they search out the truth, piecing together the puzzle. The setting comes to life in tropical Australia as do the Detectives and their uniquely personal characteristics from their lives. Conkaffey is still trying to stay out of the light, so to say, although as time moves on, more people are on his side. Pharrell is still just as quirky as she always was. You feel as if you know them in real life, especially if you read the original Crimson Lake novel. Even the secondary characters are well developed, leaving nothing feeling like filler. I am now a fan of Candice Fox and look forward to jumping into the next Crimson Lake novel, Gone by Midnight.