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Great Aussie Thriller

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Candice Fox has created a thrilling world in which two misfits, Ted Conkaffey and Amanda Pharrell, team up to solve some intense crimes in Crimson Lake, Australia while simultaneously dealing with the hostility their own backgrounds are causing them. Where the first in the series Crimson Lake had the two working together, I liked that Redemption Point allowed them to really be fleshed out on their own.
Even though I've never been to Australia, Fox's writing drips with atmosphere and paints a detailed unforgiving landscape full of wetlands, crocodiles, and dingy local dive bars. Interwoven between Ted, Amanda and new detective Pip Sweeney chapters are diary entries from a child molester detailing his crimes. These were hard to read because of the content, but that just means Fox created an intense believable character. Overall, definitely recommend for those who enjoyed the first book in this series.