Great addition to the series!

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Redemption Point picks up right where Crimson Lake left off. Ted Conkaffey is still in self-imposed exile in rural Crimson Lake in the tropical northern part of Australia. He is still working with convicted-murderer-turned-private-investigator Amanda Pharrell. The public is still convinced that Ted raped and attempted to murder young Claire Bingley, even though he didn’t.

In Redemption Point, Ted teams up with someone unexpected to try to find the person who brutalized Claire Bingley and exonerate himself in the process. Concurrently, Ted and Amanda are working on a double murder of bartenders at a local dive bar. In the midst of this, a new allegation is made public about Ted, one that threatens to plunge his life back into chaos. Can he fight off these new allegations, catch the killer, and exonerate himself before the end of the book? You’ll have to read Redemption Point to find out.

To say I enjoyed Redemption Point would be an understatement. Ted is one of those characters that makes you think, “well at least my life isn’t THAT messed up!” It’s the perfect book to read after a bad day. In this installment of the series, the chapters alternate between Ted or Amanda narrating and diary entries from Claire Bingley’s rapist. Readers get a look into the twisted mind of the person who ruined Ted’s and Claire’s lives. It was fascinating. Add all the drama in Ted’s personal life to the drama happening at Ted’s work, and I could just feel the tension ratcheting up!

I don’t know what’s next for Ted and Amanda, but I can’t wait to find out! I’m so glad I picked up this series. You should, too; you won’t be disappointed.