The Promise Forgotten

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I really enjoyed the style of writing. The chapter headings were clever, giving us a hint of what could/would happen next.
New characters were introduced at the right time. So the reader is not overwhelmed. The mystery of the story is very clever, where the reader is also putting pieces together to try and figure it out. Love the way the murderer was revealed. Touché.

Yes, the story has a slight lag about 3/4 of the way in, but it picks right back up. Very skillful the way the story has no wasted moments: the gun, stripes in the hallway, teachers (good & bad), school going from good to bad. Corruption can be everywhere.

I didn't like the cover, at first....upon reading the story it all makes sense. Great cover.

Yes, I recommend the book, author Nick Brooks, pulls from his knowing kids at risk, from being an educator. Which gives the story substance of the boys personalities and their family life.

I have found a new author that I will definitely read his other books.