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I love how this book is constructed, half like a regular book with POVs from the three main characters, and half like a documentary. Those parts are short chapters from a variety of characters who give their perspective on J.B., Trey, or Ramón, and what they think happened to Principal Moore. The writing flowed really well, and I pretty much flew through the entire book. My favorite part is the last quarter, where the characters all come together to solve the mystery. There wasn't a big sort of reveal or shocking twist, but the conclusion was satisfying.

There's something I thought was unconvincing, which is the interrogation transcripts. The detectives try to aggressively scare a confession out of the MCs right off the bat. But that's not how they work; rather, they'll try to manipulate you into thinking that they're sympathetic and on your side to get information. Unless the detectives are really bad at their job and that was the point?

Anyway, this was a quick and enjoyable read.