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The cover led me to believe that this was going to be a story centered around street art, but instead I got the emotional story of Danny Cheng trying to survive his senior year of high school and focus on his future while he's continually haunted by his past. I thought the story unraveled in an interesting way, though I did hope we would get some answers to our questions earlier in the novel instead of being more rushed towards the end. Each of the characters in this book were flawed, no one immediately made the right decision all the time, and most of them were still trying to recover from the mistakes they'd made years ago, and that made the story more realistic for me. There was also certain sections that introduce an entirely different point of view (besides Danny, who is our main narrator), and I will say I was terribly confused until more of the plot started to be revealed and I caught on. Overall, a solid YA read that was written beautifully and had both heart-wrenching and heartwarming moments. I enjoyed my time reading it.