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TW: suicide and depression

This surprised me in that I was not expecting for what happened. I thought it was going to be another cute gay romance, and yet there was barely anything about the main character being gay. It was very subtle and I actually did not mind too much that it was subtle. I would have preferred if it was more in your face, but it was still very good. this was also a very sad and harrowing book. A lot of very sad stuff happens, and it is all put on the shoulders of a teenage boy. I honestly cannot wait to reread this in a physical format ( I listened to this on an audiobook from the library first, I also recommend the audiobook. It was pretty good and easy to pay attention to). I am definitely going to buy this for my physical collection eventually. Please go read this if it seems up your alley!! Please heed the trigger warnings though because I did not know about them and it was a surprise.