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It's not very often that I come across a book that I am so impressed by. For some reason, especially when it's in the YA category. This book was so unexpectedly smart, insightful and poignant. There are so many deeper issues at play that sneak up on u- maybe because at first it seemed like just a coming of age story. Without giving too much away, this novel follows Danny Cheng, a high school student who is juggling the future in his hands; more than just choosing a college- uncovering family secrets, navigating complex friendships, and ultimately making life choices that mark his character and directly affect the trajectory of his and his parents lives. What really hooked me though was when everything fell away to put "family" into sharp focus. Understanding a parent's sacrifice for their child, the fierce loyalty demonstrated between parent and child, and the heartbreaking losses life throws at you. I myself am at a loss having finished this novel- lots to think about!