Incredibly Affecting and Riveting!

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I really enjoyed this book and cannot recommend it enough. It's such a well-written, riveting, and emotional story that will stay with me for a very long time.

I was born in the Philippines and moved here when I was a teen. While I don't really keep up with the news and events happening there, I'm quite aware on a few things. Corruption, drugs, and violence exist everywhere, but in some way, these issues are worse in the Philippines. This story really hit it home for me. I still have family in the Philippines and even though I'm not very close with most of them, just imagining myself being in Jay's position really affected me.

This book is definitely emotional and heartbreaking. I could feel the pain, hurt, and all the emotions Jay was experiencing. I think the author's writing is phenomenal and I feel like this story will resonate with so many readers. It's gripping, powerful, thought-provoking, and important. I really enjoyed reading Jay's story and loved the themes, messages, and lessons in this book.

Definitely a must-read story and would recommend to everyone!