Brave YA tackling real-life issue in the Philippines

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Yes, I'll admit, the first thing that made me so invested on this book is the fact that it tackles the controversial drug war implemented by the infamous President Rodrigo Duterte. But this book is more than that. And let me explain to you why.

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay is brave. Brave because it allows the world to see a clearer picture of what is happening in the Philippines, my country. Though the international media already focused some spotlights on the bloody war against drug with most of them criticizing how inhumane this campaign is, it is a different statement for an author with Filipino blood flowing in his veins to write and express the reality of DU30's Oplan Tokhang.

This book is educational. Though the gist promises a focus on Jason Reguero's quest on finding questions about his cousin's, Jun Reguero, death that is linked to the messy drug war, the pieces of this huge masterpiece will also show you a lot about the Philippines, my country. From the MC's experience of road transportation to notable hobbies like singing karaoke and being a family person, I can wholly relate to this book (IN EVERY ASPECT) and it feels so good to read a book about us, the Filipinos, and our culture.

This book is inquisitive. It will make you question your own self. What is my purpose for living? Am I doing this for myself? Am I helping other people in this planet who needs an extra hand? Why am I only doing this when I know I can do so much more? Questions will parade in your mind while you trudge along with Jason Reguero's adventure from the US to Manila to Bicol and back home.

If the above reasons I carefully laid out still can't convince you that this book is a must-read, then you are missing the point and let me just reiterate this, YOU. NEED. TO. READ. THIS. BOOK. Be a friend and see what's happening on this part of the world. If you can't, be a human instead and start flipping the pages and read between the lines because in the end, we're all just patron saints of nothings.

RATING: 4stars