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One Day You’ll Burn by Joseph Schneider was an interesting book. Tully is an ex-college professor and struggled with depression and a change in career paths. It’s not every day that a history professor decides to become a homicide detective. The characters felt familiar and I was left rooting for them. The story begins with a gruesome unsolvable homicide. It had all the elements of torture and brutality you’d expect from a very disturbed individual. Someone out there actually cooked a person. Tully and his partner Morales work tirelessly to solve the case. Yes, there is a lot of police procedure in this book, which you’d expect from a book about two detectives trying to solve crimes. This book appeals to a vast audience because of the inclusion of gay dads and the diversity of cast members. It also touches on how parents don’t want their children to become cops. It is a dangerous profession. It is also one that is not very well-liked by many people. Many people don’t like cops and don’t like detectives even more. This was a refreshingly easy read. I love crime dramas and I am looking forward to more books in this series.