A great book with a satisfying ending

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The book One Day You'll Burn lived up to the excitement I felt from the preview. The first thing I love about the book is that the characters are complex yet consistent. It feels like you know them and you don't ever lose your "new friends" because the writer alters them as a lazy way to move the plot along. I found all of them to be likeable (though they aren't perfect), especially the two main characters Tully Jarsdel and Oscar Morales, homicide detectives partnered together in LA. As I read I not only wanted to know the solution to the crime, but also that Jarsdel and Morales' problems would all resolve and they'd be happy in the end.

The plot was intense all the way through. Not the kind of intense that causes anxiety to flare up, but the kind where you can't put the book down and you think about it when not actually reading. I'll not describe the plot because it's a fun plot to discover as you read.

I was conflicted at the end of the book- I desparetly wanted to know what happened, but I also didn't want the book to be over. Curiosity won out and I'm glad it did. It answered all the questions I wanted answered and tied up all the strings. The end of the book left me relieved and satisfied.

I hope that Joseph Schneider writes more especially if it involves more time with the team of Jarsdel and Morales.