Average police procedural

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This book starts with a great opening paragraph. There is excellent description, which gets you into the feel of the city right from the beginning.

At times, the author chose to list things, such as streets or news stations. This does not work as well as his initial descriptive wording. Also, he chose to use a few too many distracting abbreviations, such as FSD and ME at the crime scene. This caused me to pause in my reading to remember what they stand for.

I didn't particularly care for either of the two detectives from the beginning, but get the feeling they might grow on me. There were also some crime scene issues where I felt I had to suspend my disbelief. It was early in the book to start with that, but I'm hopeful it wouldn't be a consistent issue.

Aside from these issues, the story was interesting and I'd be curious how this situation came to be.