Too slow for my liking

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Okay, first off, I admired the premise of this novel. I enjoyed the aspects of mystery, historical facts, and fiction. But, as I tried to get through the latter portion of the book, I could not get through any more of it. So, I have to sorrowfully say that this book is now a did-not-finish for me. Stephanie Graves uses excellent imagery in her writing though. I did enjoy all the details she added to the scenes. Also, just the aspect of a Pigeoneer is a concept I had absolutely never thought of before I heard about this novel. The romance was not what I thought it would be either. I thought it would be a more significant aspect than it really was. I really wish I could have enjoyed this book like I thought I would, but, unfortunately, I can not continue this story and enjoy it at the same time. I wish my best luck to Stephanie Graves with this book's success, and for the success of her future books as well.