Lovely and Delightful

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I deeply enjoyed this book. When I read the first look, I knew this was going to be a story I truly enjoyed, and I was not wrong! In the spirit of honesty, I will read anything set in England. However, this was such a cozy, well written story, I was not disappointed.

The writing of this story is fairly quickly paced and lively. The setting is described in such lovely detail you feel like you are actually in the little town with the residents. The colorful cast of characters is reminiscent of an Agatha Christie novel in the best way possible. Olive Bright is such a loveable amd quick-witted young lady and her interactions with the other villagers keeps the story moving. Historical fiction tends to lead straight into World War 2 territory and can lead to the same story being told thousands of times over. However, the historical aspects of the story are lesser known, incredibly informative, and highly entertaining. I loved this story, and if you enjoy historical fiction with a spash of Agatha Christie and a touch of romantic chemistry, definitely give this book a try.