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Olive Bright wants to serve her country against the Germans. She wants to contribute like her late mother, Serena did. Serena was a nurse and Olive admires her and misses her greatly. Olive's family owns a pigeon coop and have trained their flock to be exceptional racers and homing birds. Olive's father wants nothing more than the National Pigeon Service (NPS) to come calling and request the Bright pigeons to serve in the war.

Another opportunity arises for the pigeons to be used, but only Olive knows about it and cannot tell her father about it. All Olive knows is that she's thrilled to finally feel useful. Olive sets about her work with pride. While life in her village is hard enough during wartime, everyone knows each other and tries their best to help one another. However, someone in the village, Ms. Verity, Husselbee is not so popular, being known as the neighborhood busybody and also known for not being so pleasant. Without giving too much away, Ms. Husslebee ends up being a murder victim. On top of everything else Olive is involved in, she ends up being an amateur sleuth and quickly learns not everyone is who they seem.

I enjoyed this book because I ended up looking more into the history of the pigeons used during the war. I was absolutely amazed at the accomplishments of these birds. The author also give a short history at the end of the book which I enjoyed reading. I also enjoyed seeing the progression of Olive's journey, as well as the mystery woven in throughout.

I thought the writing was done very smartly and felt at times I was transported back to the times when I first started reading longer books as a youth. I would have given the book more stars except there was one thing I didn't like. I thought there was almost TOO much description and not enough dialogue. Because of that, it took me longer than usual to finish. I hear this book is the start of a series and I am not dismissing it just because of those two things. I think the author did a really good job in relaying information about the war and the pigeons and also with bringing Olive to life. I wish her the best with the rest of the series and am interested in where Olive will go.