Yes I am hooked

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I love that the book starts with an article and that articles are included after some chapters. From the beginning on I love Evie. She is a pretty girl who is ambitious for her future in the movie industry. But many people say she got into that industry because her grandmother was a famous actress but in my opinion I think she deserves it and works hard for it. The plot twist with her best friend was good. But I hope they not fight with each other, because then she doesn’t not have a friend anymore.
Even though I only know little about Milo I like him. I can imagine he is a good looking young man.

The language is really simple and understandable. Everyone can read it also people who don’t have English as their mother tongue. I think this book is more for girls because the story is about Evie, a girl in the movie industry. But of course everyone can read it I& they want to.

I loved the first few pages and I am looking forward to reading on.