Now That I've Found This Book

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I finished this book in only a few hours, and couldn't have had a better time while reading it. I picked it up early this morning looking for a fun read that had a little drama (as books surrounding celebrity culture often do) and I could not put it down.

Evie Jones is sure to be the "next bit thing" and share the limelight her reclusive starlet grandmother Evelyn Conaway (lovingly refered to as Gigi) has been avoiding for the past ten years. But after a joke turns into a friends betrayal, Evie is blacklisted in Hollywood and goes to spend some time with Gigi, and hopefully land a project with will turn public opinion. But when Gigi goes missing before a big gala where she's the guest of honor, Evie teams up with Milo Williams, a surprising friend of Gigi and hopes to find her before the gala.

Now That I've Found You is a fun and fast moving story about trust and family. It's a can't-put-down adventure of self discovery and self validation with plenty of lovable side characters to help more the story along. It almost felt like the story was too short, because sadly we don't get to know a lot about anyone besides Evie - but I liked her growth through the story so I wasn't disappointed. And I thought the few inclusions of some mixed media - film transcripts, tabloid articles - were a fun addition and really worked with the story.