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Loved this book!

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I’ll be honest, I don’t read a ton of YA romance. That being said, Kristina Forest completely knocked it out of the park with her first book, I Wanna Be Where You Are, and I was extremely excited for her second book, Now That I’ve Found You. I think this book just edged out the first and that mostly because I’m not the biggest fan of road trip romances. Now That I’ve Found You is a forced proximity adventure romance. The heroine, Evie, is an aspiring actress. She was burned by her former best friend and her career is suffering. Luckliy, her grandma, Gigi, is a famous movie star and an appearance with Gigi is just what’s needed to put her career back on track. Evie is in New York to lay low and convince her grandma to help her. However, when Gigi disappears, Evie must team up with Milo, a young musician and friend of Gigi’s to try to track her down. Adventures ensue as Evie and Milo rush around NYC, trying to find Gigi and falling for each other in the process.

This book is a story of growth for especially for Evie,but also for Milo and even Gigi. You can really see that Kristina Forest has settled her writing feathers and takes the time to explore her characters. I feel like this is a more mature book than I Wanna Be Where You Are. Both deal with the coming of age story and determining what path to take your life. However, Now That I’ve Found You is deals with the realities of fame at a young age and the pressures of family and the spotlight. Evie and Gigi have such a special relationship and it was sad to see when it was starting to break. While it was clear that Evie needed the support of her grandma, the adventure she went on to find Gigi allowed her to find herself along the way. With Milo, she learned she could be spontaneous and fun while still pursuing her goals.She learned that making mistakes and trusting the wrong people does not mean she has to lose everything and that she can always rebuild. The support from Evie especially is beautiful. As for Milo, he’s a great support to Evie and offered her a chance to see and experience a different life. He’s a lovely hero but this is totally Evie’s book.

I honestly enjoyed this story so much. It was the perfect combination of heartfelt and realistic. I put the book down and wished for the adventure of running around NYC with a musician! This story, and Evie’s growth in particular, touched my soul. I loved seeing her confidence in herself start to return and her willingness to trust again even after being burned. She learns the importance of being true to herself and becoming her own person as well as the importance of the support of friends and loved ones. Simply, this is a beautiful story!