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I liked it

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This book was so freaking cute and I honestly think that Kristin Forest will become one of my new favorite authors. This cover is originally what drew me to this book and then reading the synopsis, I knew I had to read it and I was not disappointed at all.
I don't usually read a lot of books that focus on "famous people" but this one did a really good job of making Milo and Evie just these regular teenagers who are just fighting for their dreams.
I would love to have seen in the end how Milo and his music had turned out and how Milo and Evie manage to handle their careers along with their relationships which seemed to have long futures ahead of them.
The authors did an amazingjob creating these characters that were very likeable, you could really relate to them and the world just felt so real that you could really picture it in your head.
Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a cute contemporary.