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Hollywood Coming of Age

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This story felt so sweet and genuine even though it was about a young Hollywood starlet in a world where very few things are real and honest. The characters felt pretty well developed and with room for growth.

Evie Jones has grown up with one of the worlds most famous actresses as her grandmother. She wants to dolls in her footsteps. Unfortunately, on the precipice of her big break, she is betrayed and seemingly loses everything.

Now she must find a way back to her dreams and her grandmother is a key part of her achieving that goal. But her grandma has secrets and Evie will face challenges (hello hot 19 year old musician) that will make her grow beyond a teen star and into a full fledged adult.

Fantastic coming of age story with a Hollywood twist. I felt connected to the characters and wanted them to achieve success and in Evie’s case, to get out of her own way a little bit.