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Another book that I read in two chunks: I read ~ 130 pages in 2020, got distracted, and only picked it back up now. I would definitely recommend NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU to anyone looking for a fast-paced YA coming-of-age, more so than a romance-focused story.

A lot of it centers Evie as she tries to pick herself back up after her blossoming acting career falls apart. She reckons with her famous grandmother's complicated on-and-off-again relationship, her lack of friends and social life, and learning not to get too caught up in what other people think of her. The thread of romance throughout the novel was actually well-fitted in my opinion: there was quite obviously hints of romance around and blossoming feelings, but it wasn't pushed too hard throughout the novel and never sacrificed Evie's personal growth and development, which I appreciated.

I might not have adored it as much as Forest's debut, which was a very fun romance, but it certainly wasn't a chore to read NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU.