An adorable YA rom-com!

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Now That I've Found You is so much fun from beginning to end! It's an adventure in New York City, a story about a girl and her grandma, and an ode to romantic comedies.

Eighteen-year old Evie is an actress on the cusp of being a star. To save her ruined reputation after a friend's betrayal, she visits her grandma Gigi, a famous actress who now lives a secluded life in New York City. When Gigi disappears, Evie's search for her missing grandma takes her throughout New York, accompanied by Gigi's young musician friend, Milo. Evie's predicament is all too understandable in this age of social media, and you can't help but root for her to find a way to save her career. Gigi is delightful, and I wish she had been in the book more, but her absence helps Evie realize how little she actually knows about Gigi's life. Milo is a really sweet love interest who is trying to prove to his parents that pursuing music isn't a waste of time, and I loved his band. The friendship between Milo and his friends is so comfortable and supportive, and like Evie, I was envious, too! I loved Evie's journey throughout the book.

I also read Kristina Forest's debut YA novel I Wanna Be Where You Are (a cute rom-com where a ballerina and her friend-turned-enemy neighbor go on a road trip together), and loved it as well. I am absolutely keeping an eye out for her future books!