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I have been needing a sweet book like this to come into my life for a while now. Lately, all my books have been full of dark and tough topics, so I really needed a lighter book to offset that. Thank goodness for this one!!

I really loved the element of Hollywood that this novel had. Watching everything Evie had to deal with really opened my eyes to what all of that attention and pressure can be like for someone, especially a young person. It was really interesting to see how she handled that, as well as how it affected her personally. This book also dealt with the issue of betrayal and how it feels to let new into your life after going through something like that. I know that's something that a lot of people can relate to, and I loved the perspective the author gave us on that!

Overall, my favorite part was the romance. I'm a real sucker for sweet and fast love. I loved Evie and Milo's relationship and getting to see it progress and grow. I definitely recommend this book for anyone that loves contemporary YA like me:)