A Cute Love Story

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I was very excited to read this book and went out and purchased it after doing a "sneak peak" review on Bookish First. I liked reading about Evie Jones and her extremely famous grandmother who was trying for many years to stay out of the limelight. As I continued to read, I was entranced by the love story between Evie and Milo and I was constantly wondering, as Evie was, if Milo was going to be able to be relied on or if he was going to end up disappointing Evie in the end. I also found it intriguing to learn about the very recluse lifestyle of Evie's once famous grandmother, and why she chose to close herself off from the media's front-page. As you read on you will love the story development and you will want to continue to figure out what happened to Evie and her grandmother and how it all ends. I would recommend this book for young readers and for adults alike:)