This sounds like just the book I need in my life!

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One of my goals in 2020 is to read more rom-coms, and what could be more perfect than one that takes place in a setting that I already know and love?! Also, one that is racially diverse!

I have been reading Jasmine Guillory romances lately for these same reasons: The diversity, the steamy yet funny scenes and to change-up the genre that I usually tend to gravitate towards...
( thrillers!)

I need to laugh out loud and who doesn’t need a reminder that there are cute & fluffy lovey- dovey relationships out there being shaped every day?

Milo and Evie sound like they’re going to be fun characters to relate to and follow along with as they search for her goofy yet famous grandmother, Gigi! I hope she turns out to be a riot! I love funny grandmas!

I live in New Jersey, but every time that I take a trip to New York I never want to leave! If I could afford to live there, it would be a dream come true! I can’t wait to picture this setting in my mind!

I would love to read & review this on my Bookstagram ( 5100 followers) and goodreads ( 1600 friends)!

This cover would also be a great one to feature in pics!

Thanks so much for the chance!