My Go-to Type of Romance

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I am a true sucker for historical romances with 'the lady and the rake' type relationships. The ridiculousness of propriety during the Regency Era will always be amusing and add to a good story such as this for me. And it is basically the backbone of this novel and what a lot of the plot rests on. Classic consequences in a romance when you wait too long to tell someone something very important also plays a part along with some fun action and suspense wiggled in that beefs up the novel as a whole.

Spencer has solid use of timely vocabulary and really knows how to submerge your mind in the era.

Dru is a feminist during a time when women were seen as just "the appendage of a man". And i gotta love her character even more for being who she is. Gabe is the notorious, handsome, supposed rake who Dru has been into since she met him but of course can't tell him that. Their romance is woven in a slightly different way than I'm used to for these stories and it was very refreshing.

Eva, Dru's best friend and Gabe's step sister, is low key the true star of this story and I am very much looking forward to the continuation of this series with an epilogue like that one!