Loved this so much!

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Notorious, has cost me some sleep because I refused to put it down until the end. That means I stayed up all night reading this book and have the bags to prove it. This book had me totally engaged from beginning to end. At first I was so engrossed about when Gabriel and Drusilla were just going to stop bickering and kiss. Like seriously just kiss the girl already! I think at any other time this would have annoyed me to death and it almost did, but I loved their banter so much I can forgive how long it actually took for them to kiss. Then it got really interesting with the drama so you know I couldn’t stop, so I read until I finished it. Overall I really liked this book. The steamy scenes were very steamy and even though I despise cliffhangers, this one was so shocking and hilarious, it made me anxious to read the next book. I have so many questions about Eva now.