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When I first saw Notorious I was really intrigued by the book, and the initial sneak peek really caught my interest... but the rest of the book just didn't really do it for me. There was a lot happening in the story, which led to a lot to keep track of overall, Which I didn't mind. Essentially, it felt like the story had initially really good bones but fell flat with the execution. It didn't feel like the misunderstandings and communications were in the story for anything other than to progress the plot, which I mean to say the story did not feel like it progressed naturally. Everything felt very dragged out and forced. I ended up okay with the ending, but the happily ever after was very predictable - especially after all the fiasco that was the plot. Honestly, if you're a fan of things like Bridgerton this would probably be great for you, but don't go in with insane expectations. It's fun, but it misses the mark on some things.