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I’m usually a huge fan of historical fiction but this wasn’t particularly to my liking. Now this may be because Romance is probably one of my least favorite genres, I do enjoy it of course but when it’s one of the main focuses of a story I’m not a huge fan. Regardless of that I did enjoy the ending much more than the begging which I struggled to get through. For me it was a bit to drawn out and the banter between them seemed somewhat embarrassing to me considering how there was usually a third party present. As the book progressed I did enjoy it more and loves to see Gabriel’s character development, however, I was a bit underwhelmed with Dru’s because I had higher hope of her fighting for her beliefs rather than giving up so easily. Now while the main two characters were not my favorite I was in love with Eva since the beginning. Her carefree nature and just her attitude towards everything was invigorating. Now while I don’t see this happening in the next book I would love for her to be in a wlw relationship. Of course that may not go with the time period but it would be a a great focus of a struggle she has to overcome but I. General I hope the next book is much more focused on her. This was a fun read and possibly something I may come back to one day.