Had Potential

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I was pretty excited to read this book and after I finished, I was left a little frustrated to say the least. The main woman of the story, Drusilla, is a woman ahead of her time. She is opiniated, she is for women rights, marrying for love and so forth. She comes off as a brave and strong woman during a time where women are to stay quiet and be a good host/wife. But then you bring in her love interest, who I just couldn't click with. He came off as aloof, not really dealing with his issues, and was more worried about his mistresses and his lack of fortune. I mean (spoiler alert) his own mom was a slave and he either didn't care or just glosses over it instead of learning from that. I just didn't really feel real chemistry between the characters and I was expecting that Drusilla would turn him around to understand why she has her beliefs. Yes, it ends a little better but overall, not satisfied.