Good start to a series

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You could say this is a slow burn romance! I say that because Dru and Gabe were forced to get married, even though Dru has loved Gabe for years. Gabe wasn't ready to marry. He did like some of Dru's qualities. He fell in love with her. They both had secrets and Gab's was the biggest life changer of them all.
There was drama towards the end. Like I said I would classify this as a slow burn. You waited until they both came of their shells and told each other how they felt.
Gabe though with his "men can do what they want" really did get to me at some points. Granted that is how it was in that era. Dru was trying to change that in her own way.
Dru and Gabe became aware of each other, they finally started to love each other. Dru being the sweetest person there could be, loved Gabe more after he told her his past. She took him as he was and what he will be. Kit and caboodle