A Fun, Sexy Regency Romance

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An opinionated, independent wallflower. A sultry, brutish rake. What's not to love?

Though they've known one another for years, Drusilla Clare has always been cold and distant towards Gabriel Marlington. Using her sharp tongue and educated mind to hide her deep love for him, she suffers in silence while he cavorts the town, pursuing his mistresses. Forced together after one fateful night, Drusilla and Gabriel must find a way to live, and even build a life, with one another. Full of luxurious Regency lifestyle, a dabble of mystery, and plenty of romantic endevours, Notorious is a good, fun read that offers the reader a riotous turn on the ton.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I must admit, I've been chasing the Bridgerton high after binging the show, and this was book suited that need perfectly (yes I know Bridgerton is also a series, however I do not own those books). There were a few spots in the book I found to be a little incongruous, but I hope those spots were smoothed out in the final print. However, even those hiccups did not dissuade this from being a thoroughly enjoyable read. Fun and lighthearted with a healthy dose of pure, unadulterated debauchery, Notorious delivers. Comedy, drama, mystery, and intrigue all come together to build this story.