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Right up hubby's alley

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So this book wasn't really my style. I'm not much for this sort of book but I had a feeling my husband would be. He is a bit of a military buff so I knew it would be something he was interested in.

After reading it for a few chapters I passed the book over to my husband and he read it instead. He was immediately emersed in the book. In his words:
'The story was informative and gripping. Full of information that i had no idea about. I loved the peek into the mind of this man. I can not imagine the things he has seen and been through in his life.'

I gave it a four star because husband said there were a few confusing bits and what not in it however he did enjoy it. As for the cover I am not entirely sure he would have picked it up in a book store and actually read it. The cover wasn't really drawing in. I did find that the title matched the book pretty well and that's a definite positive.