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Not my type of book but it was okay

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I do not read self help books because I prefer to escape through fantasy or science fiction. But I was given the chance to read this and so I gave it a shot. First off, I do not like the title of this book. To me, it seems very depressing and was an immediate turn off. I kept going though and I did find some interesting bits. The author must be superman, as well as most of the other SEAL guys that he worked with, always saving the world and getting people to work together for a better future.

The self help/motivational bits were okay. I did see some good bits about going for the tougher path and not just staying in your comfortable zone, adapting to circumstances, and finding out what's important to you and going for it. It was pretty motivational.

I preferred the memoir/ story more though. I think that is what the author should have stuck with, instead for trying to make it a self help book.