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If you're looking for a book to motivate you, this is the book for YOU! With high-action anecdotes of life as a SEAL, White House Fellow or on a business board, Mike Hayes makes a great case to live your life more meaningfully, more agile and more excellent. I didn't rate the novel higher than a 3 because it vacillated wildly from relatable topics to very unrelatable topics for a civilian. If the point was to make better decisions (relatable), a story to illustrate that involved deciding whether an individual was a civilian or someone with a bomb strapped to their chest (unrelatable). There was a lot of gruesome deaths in the book and it hurt my heart to read so much of it. While I have no doubt that seeing that amount of life and death lead the author to make the most of life, the messages in the book didn't completely resonate with me. I do thank the armed forces and military of our country. I recognize that I'm so privileged to be able to say that.