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Lessons All Can Learn

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Firstly, I really enjoy the way Mike writes; along with the rest of his life, his writing is straight to the point and you know exactly what you are going to get from him. He lays it all out and is very informative and unhesitatingly so. Secondly, I truly enjoyed reading about his life's experiences, how he puts his values into everything he does, and how he continually grows from his choices and experiences. Even though Mike and I live completely different lives, I embody a lot of the values Mike does, and it's so interesting to see the ways they have played out in his life and also in mine. Furthermore, I feel like any person can gain something from reading this book. Mike is nonjudgmental and truly shows he's a leader; he thinks no matter religion, gender, race, etc, that all of us have something to bring to the table; whether that is being a SEAL, a business grower, a farmer, a president. I think Mike's advice is to valuable but I love how he shows that everyone is worth doing and being something, in the fields that matter the most to you.