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I want to be a Navy Seal

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When I was 16 I really wanted to be a Navy SEAL but found out they don't allow girls. I planned on joining the navy but never did. This book was part memoir and part motivational. I loved the stories and antidotes about time in the SEALS and working in the White House during the Bush and Obama administrations. What a wonderful compilation of short stories. In between the short stories about places served/stationed, Thank you by the way for your service. There is a huge motivational push to help you be the best person you can be. How to juggle business and your personal life. How to keep your loved ones sane while you are on active duty for your country while bombs are going off 20 feet away from you. How to work at the White House without knowing much about the policies but pulling everyone together for the greater good.

I never new the intense training that SEALS endured (aside from watching GI Jane) and solid program it is to make the best of the best.

Great book which I'm going to recommend to everyone.