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First I would like to say a HUGE thank you to CELADON books , (for holding the raffle) and Mike Hayes for the ARC proof of this book.
On bookishfirst this is labeled as a biography/memoir - which is correct - it is however also a motivating Self Help piece of art , bookshelf staple.
When I read the first few pages on bookishfirst to write my first review I was under the impression from what I read that these were war stories - which they are - but boy was I wrong . This is much more than a book about A mans service as a SEAL , its an uplifting lesson giver . It Teaches you about what Mike values are . But not just that how he has learned to be so mentally strong and physically capable awhile serving our county . I learned so much not only about Mike but about myself while reading this book . I learned a lot of valuable lessons , and words to help me do better ( I was about to say be , but dont be a Be-er be a Do-er ). This book made me reflect on my own life while learning a glimpse of what SEAL life was like . This book is SUPER motivational, Its moving . This book will make you Reflect on life , it will make you cry , laugh , and learn . It was super easy and face paced read , I did NOT want to put this down ; one I will re-read over and over again for a lifetime !
My favorite things from this book .

"we can never be present enough , purposeful enough and thoughtful enough . Act with intent"
"Don't be afraid to aim high and miss, but to aim low and hit"
"moving to a hard path and failing -but learning - is still a better outcome than doing what's easy"
"challenge yourself and do not limit your ambition"
"the day you stop improving is the day you stop being excellent"
"realize there is more growth ahead"
"all we have on every topic is varied levels of ignorance . No one has it all figured out"
"everyone is motivated by different things"

the list goes on ....
To sum it up , GO BUY THIS BOOK . If you are interested in moments in this mans life as a SEAL , what it takes , what it took , what he conquered , grew , learned , failed , succeeded - How he built Strong relationships with peers and overall keep striving to be his best , BUY THIS BOOK . If you need an extra pick me up and to be reminded that life is worth living and that you are worth it and how to daily remind yourself of that , Read this book . If you are stuck in a rut -Or just need a good read this book is for you .

Thank you again CELADON books for the ARC