Intended for Readers Who like Motivational Speakers

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If you are a reader who likes motivational speakers, who likes books about leadership, "doing the hard things", and "never giving up" this is for you. I, unfortunately, am not this reader. I have a weird talent for being turned off by motivational speakers-- when they say "Dig deeper and push harder" I instinctively feel an urge to yell "I don't want to and you can't make me! Just WATCH me relax and be content!"

It's a problem.

And it is unfortunate, because I do love memoirs of human resilience and would probably enjoy reading about a SEAL's life if it wasn't peppered with reminders to "strive for excellence" and "do the hard thing." (I know, I know, I'm not painting myself in a good light. I am fully aware of this, but I promise I am an industrious individual.)

So. Since I am a content person with (apparently) little ambition, I'll give this a pass and let another reader who is motivated (or wants to be) read this one.