Young Heroine

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Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy By Melissa De La Cruz is recommended for ages 9 to 12. I thought that was an appropriate age group for this book to be suggested for.

The story revolves around a twelve-year-old  Filomena  whose best friend has joined with the classmates who bully her. Since her parents adopted her when she was a baby, she does not look like her mom and dad, which contributes to the remarks they make about her. Filomena is overly protected by parents who wont allow her to go anywhere alone. Our young heroine ends up being permitted to go to the bookstore alone, because her parents are busy and the long-awaited sequel to her favorite series has finally come out.  She ends up being drawn into a different world. Because of this, she makes friends and becomes a part of the series she loves so much. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book that took fairy tales and changed them in a intriguing way. This book is definitely a good choice for children.