So magical.

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I loved this book so much. It was such a fun and magical read. I love middle grade fantasy books, it's always such a good genre to dive into no matter your age. The way younger characters think and do things tends to be a lot different that the way I would do things as a young adult and I love it. This was such a great start to a series and I cannot wait to read the other books. I love retellings, I enjoy reading different takes on a tale everyone knows and loves because it can be so creative and wonderful. That was the case with this book. It was fast paced and sucked me right in which is something I appreciate since starting books can be a difficult task for a mood reader like myself. I also really liked how it wasn't a typical fantasy/fairytale story and really took on a world and design of its own. It was so enjoyable and I look forward to reading the next book in the series when it is released.