reat start to a new middle-grade series

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This book is a great start to a new middle-grade series that I hope will continue with all new adventures and fairy tale friends.

Filomena Jefferson is obsessed with the Never After book series that races tot he bookstore in hopes of getting the thirteenth and final book of the series only to discover the author has been dead and her estate has been publishing the books. The author's estate cannot locate the thirteenth boo, therefore is won't ever be published. After hearing this devastating news, Filomena slogs back home only to be followed by someone resembling the hero in her books and soon after finds herself in the world of Never After for real!

This was the cutest, funniest, more imaginative middle-grade book I've read in a very long time. Filomena is a fierce protagonist whose obvious flaws almost drag her down. But she picks herself up when she realizes the fate of Never After rests on her shoulders. She's a character that young girls and boys can cheer for.

For all these reasons, NEVER AFTER is a five-star read for me. I am excited to see whats happens if the series continues.