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So from the very first glimpse I knew that I would love this book. This is my first book by Melissa De La Cruz, but this will not be my only one. The writing was done in a way that I can imagine it as if it was playing out right before my eyes. While I tend to stay away from books that strike me as fairytale, this is one I can not wait to finish reading! The characters were well defined and had you caring about them straight from the beginning. The writing style, while it is not always my favorite, belongs in this story. There is no way that you can write this story without this style of writing. This first glimpse was face paced and had me wanting more, which is my favorite thing about a novel. While I think that this book may be a bit young for me and maybe a but obvious in the plot, I do think that no matter what if you are looking for a light fun read then this is the book for you!