I liked it!!!

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I finished this book a few days ago, and I found it pretty good! I was shopping online and had stumbled across this book and had to buy it. The story had interesting, likable characters and an easy-to-follow plot line. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a new read! I believe the author has a great mind and the capability to create great fantasy stories. I also showed this book to my younger sister who loves fairytales and fantasy novels, and she absolutely adored this story!!!! The main character, Filomena, is well-developed and interesting. The story centers around Filomena in her small town of North Pasadena, and she later is being followed by a character from a well-known fairytale series. Filomena discovers that all those stories are real and must save the kingdom from an evil enchantress, but has to discover the truth about fairytales to do so. I really loved this book, and who knows, you might too!