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The Thirteenth Fairy is a fast-paced, fun adventure that incorporates fairy tales into real life.

What would happen if suddenly your favorite characters from your favorite book series showed up in real life? That is what happens to Filomena Jefferson-Cho. Upon meeting Jack Stalker and his best friend, Alistair, she is quickly whisked away on an adventure to Never After, the fictional fairy tale setting of her favorite books series.

As readers, most of us at sometime or another wish we could meet our favorite characters and take part in their adventures. This story offers that. It is also nostalgic, with many references to common fairy tales and well-known stories from childhood. We, and Filomena quickly learn that the stories we know and love may not be very truthful.

This story has it all: a female protagonist, who does not realize how strong and magical she truly is until she is put to the test, great friendships, fierce battles with ogres and beasts, and tests of wits and strength. This is a perfect upper middle novel.