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“If it’s selfish and reckless to sacrifice everything for the sake of my child’s health, then maybe I am unfit to be a mother.”

What would you do to ensure your child’s health?
When Claire passed on a genetic mutation that kills her little boy her life becomes a nightmare. Now she wants a second chance at motherhood but with no risks involved.
Robert a fertility doctor along with Jill, his apprentice, want to help Claire, they create the world’s first baby with three genetic parents.
When word about the illegal experiment leaks, Robert and Claire escape leaving Jillian to serve prison.
Mother Knows Best it’s an exciting psychological thriller with a very original plot, a page-turner and fast-paced story that kept me engaged until the end.

“No desire compares to the primal need to know of a new life inside you; to want to bear witness to every moment of its existence.”

“I feel like I’m on the edge of a mountain, waiting for the ground to fall out from under me.”

“It’s a good thing nature won’t allow women to give up, because otherwise no one would be born.”